Climate Control NJ

Smart Climate Control NJ

Climate Control NJ

Thermostats fall into two categories: non-programmable and programmable. However, none of these older thermostats are close to the technology we find today in smart climate control.

Smart thermostats are the next development in regulating the heat and cooling of your home. They are based on essential temperature, calendar and digital interface configurations for programmable thermostats with several additional functions. Some of these functions are better energy efficiency and better energy efficiency, remote programming, geo-location, learning, and alarms.

When smart climate control synchronizes with your home network, you can control climate, all from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet, practically no matter where you are because smart climate control offers connectivity and home control.

Epic Systems, an independent, certified Control4 dealer based in North & Central NJ can provide you with everything you need to transform your home into a smart home.

Smart Climate Control in New Jersey

Climate Control That’s Smart & Energy Efficient

Our smart climate control NJ offers far more than just a traditional thermostat. We give you the ability to adjust your home’s humidity, program your shades, automate your lawn system, and even make modifications to your pool or spa – with nothing more than a tap and a swipe on your mobile phone. And since our system integrates with the world’s leading brands and systems (including forced air, dual fuel, radiant flooring, and geothermal), it’s easy for us to give you access to every one of your home’s settings.

  • We provide wireless thermostats that give you complete control over your home’s temperature and humidity.
  • Easily heat up your pool or turn on your spa’s high-speed jets from our intuitive smartphone app.
  • Set the mood with the touch of a button using the custom ‘romance’ option on our smart fireplaces.
  • Schedule your window shades so they automatically lower during the hottest parts of the day, saving you money on your energy bill.

Control4’s smart climate wireless thermostats

Get the benefit of Control4’s wireless thermostats, a technology that has nearly half a century of climate control experience built-in.

climate control NJ

Save your customized comfort settings so you can use them in the future – with the press of a single button.

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Get Started With Your Climate Control NJ Project!

Epic Systems will help you install the most efficient climate control in NJ, which will know your preferences. Access reports daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and use real-time data when necessary.

You can program the system to use programming or decisions based on the amount of energy you want to save. Your thermostat automatically determines the right temperature for you.