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We Make Commercial Spaces Smarter

Investing in an efficient and effective workspace is as important as investing in the latest technology. This reflects a new understanding of the changes in work and the importance of creating a space for new workflows to happen.

By leveraging intelligent electronics design and integration solutions, facility managers can transform buildings into self-aware, flexible, and responsive structures that are adaptable to ever-changing environmental conditions and occupant preferences when it comes to smart office solution technologies in New Jersey, including:

Smart Office Solutions Technologies Installation

We develop a solution with a smart system for office spaces that allows you to easily control one or more sub-systems with access from centralized, localized, or a combination of places, depending on the industry and your particular company needs. Thanks to smart office solution technologies, you’ll stand out and advance in efficiency and space experience. Whether your project is new construction, remodeling, or retrofit, you have the option to start a system in one area or a few places and expand later. Explore the possibilities.

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Options for Smart Commercial Locations

Commercial spaces are not one-size-fits-all and need specific detailing that comes up with precise, seamless functioning as needed for a particular industry including commercial Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Offices, Multi-Dwelling Units, and more. Here, we got your back with the right smart office solution technologies in New Jersey to build a modern workspace with best-in-class office audio systems, conference rooms, video projection systems, TVs, enterprise networks, and more.

Epic Systems can incorporate structural and systematic capabilities through know-how developed in the design of complex, multi-functional architectures and structural solutions. This maximizes the benefits of incorporating new materials in terms of weight, production, and assembly costs, as well as by fine-tuning unique production techniques, earning Epic Systems a position of technological leadership in the segments it operates.

Transforming Commercial Spaces in Smarter Workplaces

Epic Difference

By integrating IT and communications solutions with targeted company objectives, we empower businesses of all sizes. We provide a variety of solutions to assist your company to reach the next level of innovation while improving operations:


  • Any wired video device can be easily connected, extended, and switched to any display in your meeting rooms.
  • Networked digital signage solutions allow you the ability to communicate with your audience effectively.
  • Control remote IT devices and broaden your network’s coverage to improve connectivity for your business.


Why Transform?

As smart office solutions technologies come with a host of benefits, from expanding your business options to spurring innovation like:

Connectivity for Seeking Opportunities –

Smart workspace solutions significantly improve your internal and external connectivity. A smart office is intended to connect people in a secure and reliable manner. In a smart office, everything is connected, from equipment to mobile devices and appliances.

Collaboration to Accelerate Growth –

Individual employee and team collaboration are crucial to promoting organizational progress. A smart office enables seamless cooperation across the organization. Our smart workplace solutions provide the tools and drivers for connection.

Productivity Enhancing Tools –

Smart offices are meant to be much more efficient than traditional workspaces. A smart workplace saves time and eliminates hurdles at every stage of the operation. Everything becomes more efficient, whether it’s a daily team meeting or monthly client feedback.

Work Culture That Fosters Innovation

Smart workplace solutions enable your staff to think creatively. With easy access to cutting-edge tools and smart office solution technologies in New Jersey, teams may reach their full potential and solve issues in new and interesting ways. Our smart solutions assist you in fostering an innovative culture.

Therefore, to increase corporate value and attract people, Epic Systems Commercial Technology solutions will allow Facility Managers to focus on more strategic areas of effectiveness, productivity, and engagement.

Want to make your office a smart workplace?