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We are constantly reviewing the best automation systems to make your life easier. Home automation is more than just being able to control everything in your home from a single interface. It is so much more when done by the right professionals. Imagine telling Voice control, “Turn on my evening scene,” and all the lights in the house and the selected TV turn on, the security system activates for your stay, the shades lower, and the thermostats adjust to your evening schedule.

These are just a few ideas that your new Control4 home automation system can bring to your new lifestyle. To make it a win-win no matter where you may be, we have Control4 products that give you complete control of nearly everything at home including:

Control4 Products Simplify!

When you work with Epic Systems, you won’t have to settle for a solution that fits to everything. We are ready to go the extra mile to create a fully individualized solution that caters to your specific requirements, no matter what your budget is.

Served by the best Control4 home automation installation professionals in New
Jersey, we’re able to create home control systems that operate in precisely the
manner in which you need them to operate each and every time. Allow us to direct youin the right direction so that you can appreciate a smart home solution that is trouble-free for many years to come.

Summer 2022 Essentials

We offer 2022 summer essentials which brings your home to life.

What We Offer

Epic Movie Nights At Home

The Power You Want Where You Want

Intelligent Living with
Control4 Home Automation System

Control4 Smart Home Scenes

  • Setting the scene automatically with lights that dim as the movie starts.
  • A warm welcome when you arrive home with a well-lit house, shades are drawn, and the perfect temperature.
  • A voice command brings up the kitchen lights and turns on Food Network.

Control4 smart home automation systems improve a home’s livability, efficiency, and safety. Devices for home automation that are smart connect appliances, switches, and other electronics to a central hub, which gives you the ability to control those devices in a way that is both safe and convenient. Thermostats can be set to turn on fans and the air conditioner when it gets too hot, light groups can be commanded to turn on or off when the front door is opened, and leaks can trigger alerts.

Epic Systems, one of the leading control4 smart home companies in New Jersey, offers a full suite of smart home automation NJ services to ensure your every need is met, no matter where you may be. As an Authorized Diamond Control4 dealer, we carry everything you need smart locks, advanced climate control, video security cameras, intelligent lighting, or the latest entertainment technology.

Experience the Future!

Complete Command Right at Your Fingertips

At the touch of a button on your smartphone, you can adjust the temperature in the room, turn on the lights, and play the music or podcasts that you enjoy the most.

Smart Lighting by Epic Systems

When you first open your eyes, the coffee should be waiting for you. When you leave for work, make sure that everything is turned off automatically.
Enjoy true intelligence with control4 home automation.

Talk to your home or teach it how to talk back to you

Simply engage in conversation with your virtual voice assistant and ask it to carry out any task on
your behalf, from placing an order for groceries to resolving a mathematical puzzle.

Wondering How Much a Smart Home Costs?