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Home Network Design & Installation in NJ

Home Network NJ

The home network plays an important role in home automation. May it be appliances, other devices, entertainment devices, or security systems. Networking is used as a dominant method for connecting them all.

A completely reliable and connected home network means luxury, convenience, and comfort. It assures that all smart devices are smoothly running throughout the house for all family members.

A suitable home network NJ should be capable of providing a secure network no matter what devices you add and a reliable foundation so you can add more widgets in the future.

Epic Systems, an independent, certified Control4 dealer based in North & Central NJ can provide you with everything you need to transform your home into a smart home.

Home Network in North & Central NJ

The Central System of Your Smart Home

Epic Systems is committed to keeping your home connected at all times. This is why we’ve partnered with Pekedge to deliver the most advanced, unbeatable network available in North & Central NJ. This partnership ensures that your connection will never falter. So, whether you’re searching the web, checking your e-mail, streaming your favorite TV show, or using your video intercoms, you can be confident that you won’t lose service or be disconnected.

  • Our home networking system ensures that whether you’re on your desktop PC, iPad, or PlayStation 4, you’ll always be connected to the things you care about.
  • Pekedge systems are designed to achieve the highest upload and download speeds possible in North & Central NJ. This minimizes lag and buffering so you can get the content you want, fast.
  • Pekedge routers include the latest features so your home network NJ will be as advanced as the rest of your smart home.
  • Pekedge gives you complete control over your network, allowing you to monitor it and make repairs from anywhere in the world.

Pekedge Router for Home Networking

The advanced Pekedge router is your home network’s brain – directing data throughout your home, out into the world, and back again.

Pekedge Wireless

Pekedge wireless access points ensure that you have uninterrupted connectivity in every crevice and corner of your home.

Pakedge Home Networking in North & Central NJ

Get Started With Your Home Network NJ Project!

Epic Systems will install a comprehensive family network consist of cat6e cable wire, Pakedge, and Araknis networks to make sure you can enjoy super-fast broadband coverage in every corner of your home.

We make use of advanced cybersecurity which is capable of delivering robust protection for your home while maintaining the broadband speed. We don’t compromise on the security of your home and make sure the network is blocking malicious or compromised sites, protected against malware, blocking URLs with trackers, protection against botnet, detecting devices, and much more.

Our team of experts specializes in the design & installation of home networks in North & Central New Jersey for well connected, protected, well-functioning, and problem-free home networks so that you can take advantage of a completely automated home.