Home Theater With Control4: Grab Your Popcorn

Home Theater with Control4

Going to see a movie is exciting. As soon as the lights dim and the music begins to play, you enter into a different world. Now, imagine this experience from the comfort of your own home. You can create a movie theater experience that is all your own, right inside your house.  

Consolidate Remote Controls

Creating a home theater does not have to be a difficult operation. You want your entertainment investment to be easily controllable and modifiable to your needs. Using a single remote removes the need for many different remotes that control various functions. Press the “Movie” button on your remote. Immediately after, the projector screen turns on, lights dim, the surround sound activates and thousands of HD movie options appear. Home theater systems can be configured to command the room lights and even fiber-optic “stars” on the ceiling. Included in home theater control systems are also the temperature settings, surround sound and a motorized lif that rolls down the projection screen, if that is your viewing screen of choice. This is the magic of a home theater experience: the special effects that engage all of your senses. Your home theater can allow you to escape reality for a moment and create a feel-good experience. When you combine whole-home automation with entertainment systems, you can optimize your home theater experience while enjoying your favorite cinema.  

 Set The Scene With Smart Lighting

Watching a movie in a dark environment allows the movie display to appear more vivid, clear and bright This is where customized lighting automation  comes into play. Under the command of a home theater system, the lights installed in your theater can slowly fade to black upon pressing “play”. This can be configured to leave some lights on, depending on your comfortability. Your smart home can detect when the movie is over and slowly turn the lights on again. You can customize other lighting scenes within your home theater. For example, a “Clean Up” scene allows the lights to be at full brightness for optimal cleaning; a “Gaming” scene allows the lighting by the seats to be brightly lit so that gamers can see their video game controls, and an “Intermission scene lights a pathway to snacks or the bathroom as to not disturb the other movie-goers.  

Minimize Distractions

To prevent unnecessary interruptions, you can view surveillance cameras from the comfort of your own seat. Security camera footage can be viewed from a portable touch screen, control panel, keypad or smartphone. Integrating Control4 technology into your home theater can also allow you to speak with other family members around the house or visitors at the front door. Creating a home cinema has never been more accessible with Control4 technology. Incorporating home automation into your home theater allows the scene to be set with a simple click of a button. Incorporating immersive, high-resolution audio, high-definition video, projection screen, and customized lighting creates the ultimate home theater experience. Unsightly wires are not a concern as all of the equipment can be compactly organized and neatly tucked away in a closet and controlled via remote or touch screen. All you’ll need is the popcorn.