Seamless Josh AI Voice
Controlled Home Automation


Imagine More, Say More with Josh AI Voice Control Home Automation. It isn’t just the comfort but the ease of use to Control every part of your home using just the sound of your voice. With Voice Controlled Home Automation, life in New Jersey or any preferred location in the USA can be simplified with the touch of a button.


A state-of-the-art voice-based home automation system, Josh ai connects and integrates exceptionally well with control systems like Control4 and Crestron. Epic Systems can integrate Josh ai with different existing systems and enable your home with the best of features.

Effortless Voice Controlled Home Automation!

Epic Systems uses cutting-edge equipment to help you design the ideal ambiance for your home. Craftsmanship, to us, is not just a quality indicator, but a state of mind that should be cultivated in every Josh AI Voice Controlled Home Automation installation we perform. Our company is driven to provide high-performance, custom solutions from the first day of a project to the last day of dedicated support because of our dedication to excellence at every stage of the process.

Automated Lighting & Shade Control

Adjust the ambiance of your home with sophisticated lighting and window coverings. Put your preferred lighting and shading configurations on auto-save, operate motorized window treatments and reduce energy consumption with the push of a button.

Voice Controlled Home Automation Systems
You can easily monitor, manage, and control all of your home’s essential systems, including heating and cooling, lighting, audio and video, and security, from a single control interface. Set the temperature, arm the alarm, close the garage door, and turn on the oven from a single, user-friendly interface. This is contemporary technology. We collaborate with you to design a system that meets all your requirements. 


We Focus on Keeping the Trust You Place in Us

Gaining your trust is essential to building a lasting partnership, and we intend to do so by providing you with first-rate voice control and automation with josh ai installations and after-sale service. Every client receives our undivided attention as we go all-out to prove why we are the preferred technology company for the most discerning New Jersey homeowners and industry experts.

Security & Surveillance

Todays discerning homeownersy require more than a Ring doorbell. Perhaps you desire the “Lived-In Appearance” for when you’re away. You may wish to monitor activity in and around your home, such as when the dog walker arrived and departed. Our voice-controlled system in NJ is designed to protect and monitor your home and your specific needs using cutting-edge technology.

Audio/Video Systems

Home automation can improve the functionality of your entertainment systems to complement the lifestyle you wish to create. Whether you want to create a scene such as a “Party” in which the television in one room is tuned to a sports network, jazz music is played in the home’s main living areas, and reggae music is played by the pool outside.
Adding lighting and shade control can enhance the ambiance. You can even begin viewing a movie in your home theater and finish it in bed. We can design a variety of environments that are perfectly suited to you and your lifestyle.

Josh Ai Voice Control Service for Any Space

    Every Josh AI Voice Controlled Home Automation system is customized to meet each customer’s specific requirements.
    We are committed to excellence throughout each project’s entirety.
  • 24/7 SUPPORT
    After installation is complete, our clients have access to a variety of support package options.
    Our team’s experience enables us to consistently exceed our clients expectations.
    Multiple operations points, a large fleet of service vehicles, and an ample staff of industry-experienced professionals make us the right choice for you, ensuring a prompt response and a great service experience for Josh AI Voice Controlled Home Automation and other smart home installation services.
    Our team allows you to experience the power of smart home technology first-hand no matter what is your budget

Want a technology solution that complements your lifestyle? Allow us to design an intelligent home automation system that will bring efficiency, beauty, and convenience to your properties. 

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