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Legacy audio offers the professional sound experience of a music recording studio in the comfort of your own home. Audio and music professionals all around the world turn to Legacy Audio to create the optimal listening experience. The systems designed and developed by Legacy allow you to create cinema-quality sound in your New Jersey or Manhattan home theater. The performance of Legacy products is as high-end as their aesthetics and Legacy’s history in creating innovative speaker designs dates back decades. Legacy Audio has consistently been acknowledged for their product design and performance, including many awards and accolades. Committed to providing world-class audio excellence and performance for various price points, Legacy Audio has been acknowledged time and time again by leading names in the world of audio and sound.  Legacy Audio has won numerous awards for their accomplishments in creating superb listening experiences, including The Absolute Sound’s 2022 Editor’s Choice Award for their speaker systems: the Focus SE, Aeris V and Valor.  With a variety of designs from hand-crafted collections, Legacy provides world-class audio performance for all price categories. Revered in the high-end audio world as some of the best loudspeakers to exist, Legacy Audio takes pride in manufacturing and producing their speakers right here in the US.  Whether you are looking to create an immersive home theater experience or create optimal sound in your recording studio, Legacy Audio offers the best solutions for high-performance, luxurious sound. Imagine audio so good, you are able to feel as if it’s happening right in front of you. Envision closing your eyes and having sound surrounding you that is so realistic, you feel as though you are front row at your favorite concert. The power of Legacy Audio speakers is in their ability to create an encompassing, dynamic, realistic listening experience.  Here is a list of our top favorite high-performance Legacy Audio speakers that deliver the best audio experience in the world. 


Collection: Master’s  Awards & Accolades
  • 2022 The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Award Winner
  • Recommended Product of The Year Award Winner
  • Stereomojo Product of The Year
  • The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award
  • Stereophile Recommended Component of The Year
The Valor speaker system delivers clear sound, more depth front to back, and allows for a more open and spacious soundstage. Its defining features include precise localization, more detail and sound so natural it has outperformed systems that far exceed its price point. The Valor is revered as one of the best sounding systems due to its superb ability to locate distinct instruments and voice. Imagine sound quality so good, so clear, it’s as if you’re in front of a live band performing your favorite music, except it’s in your own home. Standing at about six feet tall, the Valor speaker is as powerful in design as it is in performance. You won’t believe the clarity and quality of the sound the Valor produces until you hear it for yourself


Collection: Master’s The Aeris speaker is another sound system created by the sound geniuses behind Legacy Audio. The Aeris is a speaker system whose striking looks are matched only by its extraordinary sound capabilities. The intricate details and handcraftsmanship of the Aeris is its most striking feature until you turn it on. The Aeris delivers incredible clarity, efficiency, and full range performance in a tower speaker. Powerful bass is one of its defining features with low-end control to deliver an even deeper bass extension. 

Focus XD

Collection: Master’s  Trusted by professionals around the globe, the Focus XD is another renowned sound system speaker delivering an unmatched listening experience designed by Legacy Audio. Based upon multi-amplification technology, the Focus XD is the result of over 30 years of continuous refinement. The Fully Active option for the Focus XD speaker allows the system to be internal powered by a full range amplifier, which is a commonly used technique by many music professionals. The beautiful sounding music from the Focus XD speakers can be experienced in person in one of our showroom exhibits.

Studio HD

Collection: Performance Don’t let the size of these speakers fool you! The Studio HD speakers from Legacy Audio are powerful compact monitors that produce high-end sound with optimal clarity and quality. They are small enough to fit in a compact recording studio yet their sound is intense enough to physically feel it. The Studio HD speakers are available in a wide variety of finishes to fit the aesthetic feel of your studio or your home. 

Next Level Audio

With Legacy Audio, you are immediately surrounded and transported to an all-encompassing listening experience. This goes beyond just listening to audio. The power and innovative design of Legacy Audio speakers allow you to be immersed in the moment: listening and allowing you to be moved by the sounds that surround you. To experience the sound of Legacy Audio speakers for yourself, schedule a private tour of one of our Epic Systems showrooms in New Jersey and New York You can contact us directly at (973) 298-1000 or sales@epicsystems.tech

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