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June 11, 2019
Smart Homes
Smart Homes, Control4

The Future Of This Home Is Smart

When you’re building your dream home or remodeling, the thought of smart home technology can be daunting.  Especially when you’re not “tech-savvy”.  When Pete & Jen contacted Epic Systems they felt overwhelmed by all of the options, systems, what it all meant, and whether or not they’d need a PhD to control it all. 

When we initially sat down with them, rather than talk about home technology, to their surprise we talked about their lifestyle. What they like to do, how they work, do they like to travel? When we understand our client’s lifestyle, it gives us a better understanding of how smart home technology may fit in it.

As it turned out, Jen and Pete live busy lives. Jen is a resident at the hospital, and at times she can find herself coming home from work late at night.  Pete travels a lot for his work, and gets frustrated over his lack of “connectivity” at home. 

We designed a Control4 Smart Home System for them that allows them to control the lights in their home, from anywhere.  So, on those late nights when Jen returns from the hospital, she never enters a dark home.  Pete loves the ability to turn on the air conditioning the second he gets off the plane, so their home is a comfortable temperature when he walks in from a business trip.  That’s where it all started. 

Fast forward a year later, we’ve added whole-house audio, security cameras to the Control4 system.  

Pete and Jen love the system because it’s easy to use, and they especially love the fact that they can add to it as their needs and budget allow.  

What’s next?  Control of the sprinkler system.


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