Old Vinyl

John Smith
June 11, 2019
Home Audio

Bringing Together Musical Generations

If you’re a child of the 70’s or earlier, you look back at those time and you remember turntables everywhere. Then the 80’s and 90’s happened and ruined what was, for a lot of us, the perfect music listening experience.  Now, it’s 2019 and vinyl is making a comeback in a big way. 

When we got the call from our customer in Bloomfield, New Jersey, we jumped at the chance to combine the nostalgia of days gone by, with the latest home technology.

Vinyl Meets Streaming

It was important to our client to re-ignite the full rich sound of his stellar vinyl collection, without the hassle of only listening in a single room of the home.  After our first consultation, we recommended adding speakers in the den, kitchen, as well as the patio.  It was also important to design a system that could easily be added to as our client might want to in the future.

Sonos & Pro-Ject

First, we started with the components.  We wanted to make sure the client could control the volume, no matter what room he was in.  The obvious choice was SONOS.  Sonos is the leader in wireless home audio that’s easily controlled with an app that you download to your phone, tablet, Mac, or PC.   

Next, we went with a Pro-Ject turntable to spin the vinyl. If you’re not familiar with Pro-Ject, they build beautiful turntables with a model for nearly every budget.  They’re stylish, easy on the eyes, and the budget. 

Sonance & Klipsch Speakers

In the den, our client chose the “Vintage” look of the Klipsh Cornwall floor standing speakers to accompany the Pro-Ject turntable.  Throughout the rest of the home, we wanted the same great quality sound without taking up valuable floor-space.  We opted for Sonance In-Ceiling Speakers throughout.

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