Wall To Wall WIFI

Jennifer Philbin
June 11, 2019
WIFI Installation
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WIFI That Covers The Entire Home

We rely on WIFI in our homes for everything from work, school, even movie night.  The problem is the vast majority of routers provided by your cable company will cover 1000-1500 sq ft. Unfortunately, the average size a new home is over 2300 sq ft.  

That leaves a large portion of the home with inadequate or non-existent WIFI.  So what’s the fix? 

That’s what our frustrated client in Parsippany, New Jersey asked.  She’s a busy mom who works from home, the kids need WIFI for their school work and to watch their favorite Youtube videos,  Unfortunately, their existing WIFI  simply couldn’t reach the bedrooms on the 2nd floor.

The WIFI Fix

After we completed our on-site consultation, we recommended installing a Wireless Access Point in the 2nd-floor hallway.  Unlike a cheap WIFI extender that you might find in a big box store, a Wireless Access Point let’s you move seamlessly throughout the home without interruptions to your connection.  Wireless Access Points are a must-have for homes struggling with WIFI connectivity.

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