Epic Systems Is A Ruckus Wireless Certified Partner

Smart home automation means nothing if you don’t have quality, reliable Internet access. After all, what good is the ability to remotely monitor your home via its security cameras if the connection linking those cameras to your phone is constantly going down? Or, what benefit is an app that lets you change your home’s thermostat if unstable Wi-Fi keeps your thermostat disconnected from that app? The answer is simple: Without constant high-speed connectivity, your smart home isn’t as smart as it could be.


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Epic Systems is now a Ruckus Wireless Certified Partner

Fortunately, Epic Systems is now a Ruckus Wireless Certified partner, offering the most advanced Wireless LAN technology to consumers and businesses alike. With the help of Ruckus Solutions, we’ll give you the power to maintain a steady internet connection for all your entertainment, business, and smart home needs.


What is Ruckus Solutions?

Ruckus Solutions is one of the leading, international Wi-Fi innovators in the industry. They’ve made a name for themselves by developing smart Wi-Fi technology that offers unprecedented versatility, dependability, and affordability. Developing their systems with the unique challenges of New York City consumers in mind, they’ve been able to create systems that will work anywhere. This includes powerful hardware that’s built to overcome challenges such as…


  • Glass & Other Wi-Fi Hindrances. Wi-Fi performance significantly drops when it’s required to pass through thick walls, glass, and concrete. Fortunately, Ruckus Wireless has developed ways to keep Wi-Fi strong, even after traveling through high-density obstacles.
  • Your Wi-Fi connection can easily lose strength if it has to deal with excess interference, including neighbors’ connections and even other connections within your own home. But Ruckus Solutions has made finding a way through the interference a priority. Their technology breaks through the noise so you can maintain a dependable connection no matter what.
  • Multiple Users. With the surge in products now requiring or utilizing an internet connection, our routers and Wi-Fi networks are being tested like never before. This is especially the case if you have a family with three, four, or five people all using their phones and streaming the latest movies or music at the same time. It’s simply too much for most networks to handle. But Ruckus Solutions has used the latest technology to find ways of boosting the reliability and strength of your network’s connection.

These challenges and more have been minimized and eliminated, thanks to Ruckus Solutions’ latest technological achievements, including…


  • Dynamic Technology. Rather than simply emitting a static connection, Ruckus Solutions’ Wi-Fi technology enables your connection to look for the “path of least resistance” so it isn’t slowed down by visible or invisible barriers.
  • Ruckus BeamFlex Technology. Every Wi-Fi signal that comes out of a Ruckus router or modem is configured on a station-by-station and packet-by-packet basis, ensuring maximum efficiency and coverage.
  • Beamforming Technology. Once your computer, television, or other hardware has made a connection with your Ruckus router, the router will strengthen that connection by putting more power behind it. This reinforces the connections that you’re using and minimizes the signal that’s going out into the ether unused.

Now that Epic Systems is a Ruckus Wireless certified partner, we can help you take advantage of the most advanced Wi-Fi technology on the market, making your home even smarter – and your life easier than ever.