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Home Automation for Builders in North & Central NJ

smart automation for builders

Your clients’ expectations are higher than ever. Not only do they want a home that’s roomy, affordable, and has great curb appeal, more and more people are looking for homes that include advanced, smart home automation features. And that’s why home automation is such an important topic for builders to consider in North & Central NJ.

By implementing these smart automation features into your homes, they’ll stand out from the competition. Pre-designed and installed smart lighting, climate control, advanced security, and smart entertainment solutions have the power to transform the way prospective customers view your business.

“But,” you may be thinking, “I’m not on the cutting edge of the latest tech. I’m a contractor, not a computer programmer.” Fortunately, you don’t have to know the brands of every smart lighting manufacturer or the best ways to implement smart home tech to enhance your clients’ entertainment systems. All you need is an understanding of home automation’s value. We can do the rest.

Epic Systems, as an independent, certified Control4 dealer based in North & Central NJ offer comprehensive home automation services for builders & developers, including…. 

Smart Lighting

Add Value to the Homes you’re Developing

The easiest way to implement smart lighting in a home is to do it before construction is complete. This is what makes it a perfect fit for any home you’re building. It’s an affordable way to add tremendous value to the homes you’re developing.

Our smart lighting services enable your clients to enjoy a home that features programmable lights that can turn on or off via motion sensor or voice control, lighting that automatically shut off in unoccupied rooms, customizable keypads that give homeowners complete control over the mood and atmosphere of every room, and more.

personalized keypads

Configurable keypads are personalized for your home and can create any mood or ambiance with one touch.

touch screen smart lights

It’s easy to raise or dim any light in the room—or entire house—right from a touch screen.

Smart Lighting Automation in North & Central NJ

Climate Control

Add Comfort to the Homes you’re Developing

Traditional climate control revolutionized the world. Finally, people could experience comfort in their homes, regardless of the weather outside. But smart climate control has taken that concept to the next level.

Our climate control services can enable every home you build to feature temperature and humidity adjustments, automated lawn systems, and even pool and spa modifications, at the touch of a button. A simple mobile app will give your customers the power to control every aspect of their home’s climate from anywhere in the world.

Control4’s wireless thermostats

Get the benefit of Control4’s wireless thermostats, a technology that has nearly half a century of climate control experience built-in.

customized comfort settings mobile

Save your customized comfort settings so you can use them in the future – with the press of a single button.

Climate Control in North & Central NJ


Add Joy to the Homes you’re Developing

Having a smart home isn’t just about safety or comfort. It’s about enjoying life to the fullest. That’s why we offer a wide range of home entertainment options for you to implement in the homes that you’re building, setting them even further apart from the competition.

Our smart home entertainment services will allow your customers to integrate every source of entertainment they have into a single, accessible, streamlined interface. We have years of experience in developing entertainment system solutions that fit every need and budget such as home theater & more.

smartphone app

Access your entire movie collection – as well as any streaming services you subscribe to – from a simple, easy-to-use smartphone app or universal remote.

universal remote

Browse your movie collection and personalize your theater experience on an elegant tabletop touch screen or in big, bold display on your TV.

home theater installers North & Central nj

Home Security

Add Security to the Homes you’re Developing

Every home you build is someone’s castle. And they ought to feel as safe as a king there. With our smart security features, you’ll be able to offer your clients genuine peace of mind.

Our smart security services will allow your clients to arm their alarm systems, lock and unlock doors, and even check live, inside and outside footage with nothing more than a mobile device. They’ll also have access to even more advanced features such as text alerts, temporary security codes for delivery or service people, and random lighting that will fool any burglar into believing that you’re always home.

4Sight app

Our 4Sight app gives you access to your home from anywhere, at any time.

advanced security sensors

Our advanced security sensors aren’t just for security. You can program them to automate any of our other features – from lighting to video to climate control.

Home Security Automation in North & Central NJ

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