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Conference Room Automation North & Central NJ

We’re not living or doing business in the 1980s anymore.

So… why do our offices still look as though we are?

Doing business in the modern world requires the technology and tools to effectively collaborate with clients, business partners, and co-workers – no matter where they are on the globe. That’s what makes a conference room automation in North & Central NJ an absolute necessity for any company that’s looking to stay agile in today’s business environment.

Smart conference rooms and boardrooms allow you to tailor your corporate space to the needs of the moment, at the touch of a button. Impress clients, efficiently collaborate with partners from around the world, and strategize your next move with your core team, all with the help of one of our conference room automation systems.

Step out of the 80s and into the twenty-first century with the Control4’s conference room automation in North & Central, NJ.

Conference Room Presentation

Your conference room is more than just a place to gather and discuss. It’s ground-zero for your latest business deal. And if you’re going to successfully convince today’s prospective client that you can meet his needs better than anyone else, you’ll need the kind of conference room presentation system that will instill confidence in him.

We’ll work with you to design and install a smart conference room that enables you to present your latest idea with greater ease than ever before.

  • Modify backlighting to complement your presentation perfectly.
  • Easily connect your laptop or PC to the conference room’s projector or monitor so you can offer the visuals you need to make your case.
  • Create the perfect atmosphere for collaboration and persuasion, using smart lighting, automated background music, and more.
  • And control everything that takes place from a convenient and easy-to-use tablet or smart phone app.

Offering powerful and persuasive presentations has never been this easy.

customized comfort settings mobile

Save your customized comfort settings so you can use them in the future – with the press of a single button.

Conference Room Presentation North & Central NJ

Integrated Room Control

A smart conference room consists of numerous pieces of hardware and software that must be linked in order to be used well. Our team will tie every one of those pieces together to ensure that you’re always in control of your automated conference room.

And since we offer a smartphone and tablet app that puts everything in the palm of your hand – from lighting and presentation software to the thermostat on the wall – you can be confident that you’re always in control.

4Sight app

Our 4Sight app gives you access to your office from anywhere, at any time.

Conference Room Integrated Room Control North & Central NJ

Lighting and Shade Control

Our smart conference room automation systems in New Jersey are equipped with automated shades so you can let in the perfect amount of natural light into your meeting space. And if you’d like to set them to automatically open or close at certain times of the day or year, it’s as easy as setting your smartphone’s alarm clock.

Whether you’re hoping to save money on energy costs or give your next meeting the ideal ambience, our smart lighting and shade control will put the power in your hands.

And since it works with the entire, integrated system, you can create specialized settings for certain kinds of meetings, presentations, or even parties and have the whole system work together to create a space that meets your precise specifications.

touch screen smart lights

It’s easy to raise or dim any light in the conference room—or entire office—right from a touch screen.

Conference Room Lighting and Shade Control North & Central NJ

Video Conferencing

It’s never been easier to connect with clients and co-workers from around the world. With one of our five-star video conferencing systems, you can have meetings, present data, and even sign documents virtually.

The days of waiting for international flights and cleared schedules is over. You can collaborate with clients, peers, and freelancers in other parts of the country and world without having to leave the office. And our system can make it feel as though you’re in the same room.

video intercom touch screens

Our touch screens offer full-sized picture and high-def audio & video.

Conference Room Video Conferencing North & Central NJ


Your network is the backbone of your business – regardless of how much online sales you bring in. And if you don’t believe us, just shut it down for a week and see how much your employees are able to get done.

We can help you install and maintain a network that will keep your staff connected and efficiently working together. We offer services that make resource sharing, file storage, firewall protection, and internet access simple and affordable.

Empower your employees with a well-implemented, secure network and watch their productivity skyrocket.

Pekedge Router

The advanced Pekedge router is your Conference Room’s networking brain – directing data throughout your office, out into the world, and back again.

Conference Room Networking North & Central NJ

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