What Is Home Automation Security Control

Home security systems have drastically upgraded in recent years. If you’re considering installing a security system into your house, you may want to explore the options for home automation security control. Automated security systems allow the homeowners full access, monitoring and control over their home’s security settings. Whether you view your home’s security system through an in-home control panel or through your home, automated security systems can provide safety and protection for your home, your family and prevent criminal activity.

Remote Access Control

Many automated home security systems now allow remote access via the home’s wireless network. This means homeowners can control their home security system using control4 technology from inside the house or virtually anywhere in the world. There are also apps that come with installed home security systems to allow for easy access, monitoring and change from a mobile device or laptop.

Home Security System Alerts

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Motion Detection + Video Monitoring

Other features of a home automation security system include motion detection and video monitoring. Notifications and alerts are also a common feature that lets the homeowner know when family members arrive home safely or who is at their front door. Settings for motion detectors outside and inside the home can be customized to turn on lights within specific rooms or along outside pathways. This home security feature preserves energy, provides a safe arrival home for the homeowners and night, and may serve as a potential deterrent for criminals or burglary.

Security cameras are another popular aspect of automated home security systems. Realtime security video footage allows homeowners to view the everyday happenings around their homes, whether they are in the house or away. With this feature, you can monitor who is entering or leaving the house, or which family member may have left an entryway, like a garage door, open. Most importantly, since modern home security cameras use digital monitoring instead of closed-circuit cameras, the video streams back up onto cloud servers so that homeowners can view their home activities whenever necessary, at any time.

Automated Home Security Control Devices

Here are common systems used for optimal automated home security systems:

Smart Doorbells

Smart Locks + Keypads

Video Security Digital Cameras

Automated Lights

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