Whole House and Multi-Room Audio

Using Control4, you can play all of your favorite music throughout your entire home or just one room with the touch of a button. With high resolution, multi-room audio, you’re able to customize your home audio experience to create the perfect scene.

Multi Room Audio

Play your favorite music as loud as you’d like throughout the entire home, or just in a single room. Imagine it’s morning time: parents are getting ready for work, kids are getting ready for school. While parents like to listen to 80s rock, children prefer their 2019 top hits. With multi-room audio from Control4, each individual room can be configured to play different music in various zones throughout the house.

Let’s say you’re entertaining friends outside while your nanny is trying to put your kid to sleep. While you wouldn’t be blasting party music throughout the entire house, maybe you just want the music streamed in the backyard. On the other side of the house, bedtime music can softly play to aid in putting your child to sleep.

While you can listen to the same thing in every room, the option to play something different in any room of the house exists also.


Music Streaming

Your favorite music can begin at the touch of a button from your phone, tablet, or control panel inside your home. Stream from your favorite music sources including Sonos, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora plus more.

Control4 and your preferred built-in streaming services work together to produce the best music at the highest resolution and best quality. All music platforms run through the Control4 platform, which means your music is readily available and easily accessible at any point in time.


Gone are the days of unnecessary bulky speakers to bring your home high-res music experience. Speakers can be installed seamlessly into your ceiling, appearing nearly invisible while producing the best sound quality throughout your home.

Smart Home Automation

Playing music throughout the home is more than just listening to awesome tunes, it’s about creating a home environment that makes you feel good with ease and simplicity. With a single touch of a Control4 keypad, or by using voice command, you can set the scene that aligns with how you want to feel. Imaging at the press of a button, music starts to play, shades lower, lights dim, front door locks so it’s just you, relaxing in peace. This is the beauty of a smart home.