Will an Alarm System Increase My Home’s Value?

Increasing the value of your home is a good idea whether or not you’re planning on selling it. The fact is, even if you don’t have plans to sell, some unforeseen circumstance could easily arise and force your hand. If that were to happen, you would want to be prepared. There are dozens of things you could do to increase the value of your home, including a pool, more intentional landscaping, a patio, and more. But few people realize how an alarm system can boost your home’s value – in more ways than one.

Yes, an Alarm System Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Like any other addition or upgrade, alarm systems will increase the value of your home. Today, more and more people want a sense of security that comes with an advanced alarm system. As a result, they’ll pay more so they don’t have to go through the trouble of hiring an installer, purchasing a system, and having everything set up.

This can end up being just the thing your home needs to give it the edge over a comparable home. And if you have a system that includes features such as video and app integration, your home’s value will go up even more. Not only will people be more willing to place higher offers on your home, but you’ll also likely end up with more offers, to begin with.

So, yes. An alarm system will increase your home’s resale value. But that’s not the only benefit it offers.

An Alarm System Will Make Your Neighborhood Safer

A study conducted by Rutgers University in 2016 found that crime rates decreased at a significant rate in neighborhoods where multiple homes had alarm systems. By purchasing an alarm system now, you won’t just be investing in the safety and value of your home. You’ll also be benefiting the entire neighborhood.

But this can come back around to help you yet again. If crime rates drop in your neighborhood, the community will be seen as safer. And safer communities are more desirable and enjoy a higher resale value. So, an advanced alarm system has the potential to cause both immediate and future increases in the value of your home.

An Alarm System Can Reduce Your Homeowners Insurance

A home that has an alarm system is seen as being safer and less susceptible to burglary by insurance companies. Because of this, your insurance bill will probably be less than if you didn’t have a security system. In fact, it can be discounted by up to 20%! While this doesn’t directly affect the resale value of your home, it could encourage a buyer to go ahead with a purchase if he knows the long-term savings he’ll enjoy on insurance costs.

If you’d like to enjoy the greatest benefits from a home alarm system, you’ll want to opt for one that offers the features consumers crave. We can help you pick the perfect option and get it installed at an affordable price.

Contact us today and let us help you keep yourself and your family safer while increasing the value of your home.

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