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Whole House Setup

Instant access to your music collection at the press of a button is what brings convenience into luxury – for those times when all you need is a song! You can have different music playing in different rooms or the same music in all the rooms. The Sonos whole home audio setup can be used to distribute music throughout as many rooms as you like. Also, no matter how loud you play your Sonos speakers’ setup, you can always count on crystal-clear sound because each speaker is designed specifically for that purpose.
Without compromising the aesthetic of your home, our designers at Epic Systems’ can create an immersive entertainment space complete with high-performance sound and audio solutions that includes:

  • Combining two or more audio channels
  • Choosing custom art work to display
  • Matching the TV sound
  • Simple to integrate with other devies in your home

Sonos Whole House Setup

Beautifully Balanced! 

Creating your perfect sound system is guaranteeing a listening experience that is nothing short of luxury, at Epic Systems. We ensure everything works seamlessly together over WiFi starting with one room and adding further as you like with Sonos surround sound setup.
We help you design and install high quality Sonos outdoor setup an audio solution that will surpass your expectations, whether you want to start small with a dedicated listening room or go all out and install speakers everywhere in your home.

The number one name in NJ Sonos Multi room Audio!

Music is magic and so we strive to create it by installing high-performance wireless speaker systems. We’re a dedicated group of individuals who enjoy a good challenge and won’t rest until the job is done right. If that describes what you expect, then surely Epic Systems is the name for all your Sonos whole house setup!

Why Sonos for Whole Home Audio Setup!

Playing music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, radio, and more with your loved ones has never been easier than with Sonos. These reasons will change the way you listen to music throughout your home that includes:

  • Effortless Sonos Sound System Installation
    Most speaker systems are not adjustable after they have been set up, so the sound will continue to play in the same position regardless of whether or not the room’s acoustics are optimal. Through the use of a smartphone, the Sonos app can analyze a room’s architecture, determine how sound reflects off of different areas of the room’s decor, and then make the necessary adjustments to the speakers when it comes to Sonos sound system installation. With just a few taps on your smartphone and 30 seconds of your time, you can fine-tune the system’s woofer and tweeter for superior sound quality.
  • Fast Sonos speakers setup
    Sonos systems are made to make it easier to set up audio equipment for the whole house. They don’t need to be pre-wired or set up in a complicated way. Even though there are still parts of an audio system that need to be set up by a professional, like designing the best speaker layouts, picking the right parts, and making sure your home network is set up for uninterrupted streaming, Sonos systems are much easier to set up.
  • Slender, Discreet Style
    Although Sonos speakers setup isn’t exactly invisible, they’re made to be unobtrusive so that the focus stays where it belongs—on the artwork on the walls or the massive 4K Ultra HD television. Although compact, the speakers produce a powerful and cleansound. Speakers can be mounted on walls, placed on shelves, or set atop countertops.
  • Whole House Setup with Sonos App
    Throw away your primitive remotes. Turning on your Sonos Whole House Setup is as easy as tapping your smartphone’s screen. Whether it’s from your local computer’s music library or a streaming service like Spotify or Pandora, the Sonos app makes it simple to listen to your entire music collection. You can easily control the volume of the music playing in any room of the house from your mobile device

Can’t get a handle on your tech issues? Get in touch with Epic Systems; we’re happy to assist you. Connectivity, efficiency, quality, and calmness in the face of technological challenges are guaranteed by the prompt diagnosis and implementation of effective solutions by our expert technicians, whether they be remote or on-site.

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